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We take care of your site.

Want a change?  Just ask us.  And if you're not sure what needs doing, we'll give you some ideas!  WordPress Website Maintenance as it should be.

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Step 1

We will review your current website and draw up a list of things we think need doing to improve things.


Step 2

You and we have a chat and agree your immediate priority tasks.


Step 3

We get cracking and get them done for you.


Step 4

If you run out of changes, we suggest improvements we can do for you.  Rinse and repeat!

Take the Pain Away - Ask us and we'll make your site updates for you!  As many tasks as you need doing.

If you're like many business owners, you want to push ahead with your marketing, but get held back by the tech...  You learn lots about the things you should be doing, but get stuck with the implementation, and everything takes so much longer than you wanted.  Do you find that sometimes even the simplest sounding things turn out to be too complicated, too technical, too time consuming?  Overcoming this could represent a massive advantage for you, if there were a way to regularly get stuff done on your website quickly and easily.

Listen to One of Our Customers

Mark Bowden from MarkBowden.org speaks about his experience of WP Aid.

What is WP Aid?


Hosting Done Right

We do all the things you should do, for you.  Hosting, backups, caching, mobile, security, monitoring, reporting.


The Easiest Updates

WordPress website maintenance done right.  Whether it's updating a new version of a plugin, installing a security patch, or just updating some content.


Expert Advice on Tap

Not sure whether twitter or facebook are best for you?  LinkedIn or AdWords?  SEO or PPC?  Just ask; our expert team is here to help.


Never Waste Money

You're paying for a service, and we make sure you get it.  If you don't need all your updates one month, we'll suggest things that need doing.  Just say "Yes!" and we'll have it done.

Who are the Management Team?

Wordpress Website Maintenance Guru

Richard Woods Lead Gen Guru

"When not drinking tea at your house, you'll find me atop a mountain, contemplating client acquisition."

WordPress Website Maintenance Ninja

Jake Liddell Lead Gen Ninja

"I was born to fix your website.  Under cover of darkness, I will update your plugins and configure your cache."

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